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Status: Busy !

Hi, I'm Razvan Garofeanu!

the not so famous web/graphic designer

Yup, you're here alright. The hairy thing on the left is my virtual persona. His name is Garphee and he rules this website. He's like the king of my portfolio. He will make you view my works, read a couple of things about me and maybe buy some sh*t. Enjoy him!

Status: Busy !

The egocentricism page...

where i am the center of all things baby!

This is the "let's get to know this guy a little better" page. You'll find everything you need here: a little insight on my personality, a list of clients that have seen my work etc.

View my Resume!

Who is Garphee?

Garphee is the virtual entity of Razvan Garofeanu, the self-taught not so famous web/graphic designer. Razvan is a PR graduate who decided to do advertising for a living. He currently resides in Iasi, Romania and he likes his job, most of the time. He does not code, at all. Razvan always uses the Adobe Master Collection Suite for his projects and he sometimes stares at the horizon waiting to make his move on the world. He never rushes into a project, and he likes to make sure that the final product will make both the client and him proud. He's not in it just for the money. He chooses his own projects. He does not claim to know everything but he knows enough. He likes cats. His files are always pixel perfect. He will not take your project on if you want it by tomorrow (or anywhere near that). He will stick to the timeframe he's given you and his word has leverage.

Status: Busy !

The merchandise section...

some stuff that i'm selling in order to eat

Some of us non-famous designers have to come up with new ways to pay our bills. One of them is selling high-quality stuff at low prices. Find what you need below and enjoy cheap items for which you would normally pay hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Status: Busy !

The giveaway section...

mainly bits and pieces of my brain

I believe that some things in this world should be free of charge. Here's my contribution to that statement: wallpapers for your desktop with multiple resolutions, possibly some templates or other sorts of graphics.

Status: Busy !

How to get in touch with...

don't be a stranger, stranger!

No phone numbers or stuff like that. Only my e-mail address which is real by the way, and a nice little brown contact form. You have my word that if it's important i will reply to your messages!

This is goodbye...

Thanks for dropping by. Also make sure to check the people listed below.